Friday, 22 March 2013

Stay healthy this summer by treating yourself with refreshing watermelons

This summer quench your thirst with the wonder fruit, Watermelon. Packed with nutrition and antioxidant, watermelon is also the best source of several vitamins. It hydrates the body and has very low-fat which will take away all your summer blues away.

What is more refreshing than a crispy, luscious slice of watermelon!

Nutritional facts of watermelon
Watermelon is rich in several vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Vitamin A present in it helps to maintain eye health and is an excellent antioxidant; vitamin C strengthens immunity which helps in healing wounds, preventing cell damage and even promotes healthy gums and teeth where the vitamin B6 present in watermelon helps in proper functioning of brain and even helps in  converting protein to energy.
The amino acid called "citrulline" is in exceptionally high quantity in watermelons which is converted into arginine and helps in removing ammonia from the body during the urea cycle. It also contains magnesium which considered the master mineral.

Beauty benefits provided by watermelon       
You will be excited to know that researches show that watermelon lessens the sun related skin damage by 40% as it has special cooling effect. It is advised by dermatologists that having 2-cups of watermelon daily will help you to achieve a younger looking skin in just 2 weeks. This is so because watermelon is nature's richest source of lycopene which keeps check on sunburn, wrinkling and even aid in reducing the risks of cancer and other diseases.

Other health benefits
•             Having watermelon can improve sleep researches show that eating its few slices after dinner can extend the deep stages of sleep by 27%.
•             The lycopene which gives fruits its attractive red color helps in reducing the risks of prostate cancer.
•             Research has shown that it is beneficial in reducing cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, angina, high blood pressure as well as diabetes.
•             It is an ideal health drink in summers as it contains 92 per cent water, without any fat or cholesterol. It fills you up fast and therefore helps the people seeking weight loss.
•             Watermelons are called energy boosters. A daily serving of the fruit can boost the energy levels of an individual by up to 23%.
•             Watermelon has ingredient arginine which delivers Viagra-like effect resulting to treat erectile dysfunction and perhaps even prevent it. 

Amazing fact: A watermelon is popularly gifted to the host in China and Japan because of the great benefits it provides.